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The Ghostowners Mysteries

Within The Mind of a Child

There is nothing more fun to watch than a child who is engrossed in a book.  Their level of concentration and wonderment of the story unfolding in their mind is plainly visible on their glowing faces and the intense level of concentration keeps them totally absorbed.  Do not go anywhere near them while they are so absorbed, as they will not be happy with your interruption of their adventure.

We all remember our youth when we were totally absorbed in the story line of our favorite books.  Nothing could distract our mind as our beloved characters ventured out with us in tow on their journey in another place and time.

There are many such journeys that we and our children have traveled.  We had Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, The Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew.  Our children were in awe of the Harry Potter Series and now there is the Calamity Jan Series of fiction books for kids.

Calamity Jan is the pen name of Jan Pierson who has produced the magnificent 5 book series Ghostowners.  This series of kids mystery books will draw your children into the Old West and the characters of that time as they journey to ghost towns in the west.

So come along as I introduce you to the Ghostowners by Calamity Jan.
Ghostowners Bodie

Ghostowners  Mystery books for kids
The first in the Ghostowners Series, "Goodbye God I'm Going to Bodie" introduces the reader to the main characters of the Ghostowners Series,  Meggie and Paige.

Their adventure starts when they discover a diary that was hidden for a hundred years.

The mysteries in the diary continue as the adventurers enter into Anna's world in the Wild West Mining Camp of Bodie.

The many mysteries of Bodie will be revealed as Meggie and Paige continue their journey through the diary.  To say more, would be saying too much.

Many of the ghost towns of the Old West were once booming mining towns.  Some of these mines were located just south of the Canadian Border in Okanogan County, Washington.

One of these mines was the Nighthawk mine which had a town sprout up in her name.  The town of Nighthawk is said to have had 3,00 residents at one time, but when our young adventurers arrived at the Nighthawk Hotel there was only one ghostly resident on the second floor.

The town of Nighthawk proves to have many hidden dangers as Paige gets trapped in an abandoned well and both Meggie and Paige get trapped in the Nighthawk mine where they find out the truth about the Ghost of Nighthawk and the gold.

After all the dangers of Nighthawk Meggie and Paige were ready ready for something a bit less exciting and dangerous.

Perhaps a school could be safer.
The nightly howling through the Shaniko School spelled a problem for Meggie and Paige as it indicated the presence of a ghost.

The mysterious messages appearing on the chalk board which threatened them and told them to leave only added to the difficulties.

Next our adventurers find themselves chased through an old warehouse by a shadowy figure.

Then Meggie and Paige team up with an Indian runaway and the truth finally begins to emerge.

The ghost town of Shaniko, Oregon has proven to have its own mysteries.

The Ghostowners journey continues on to Gold Hill, Nevada.

Their arrival in Gold Hill has its own mystery as they see a mustang colt circling a tombstone in the local graveyard.  What mystery haunts this creature that has continued this bizarre circling.

Meggie and Paige are on a quest to find out that answer when confronted with a new challenge by a local drifter named Brooks.

Is he involving them in some type of illegal horse smuggling?

The Ghostowners will soon discover the answer.

The final chapter of the Ghostowner Series of kids mystery books find our adventurers aboard a train on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad.

The travelers are summoned by the Ghost Girl in Car Number 9 and journey back in time to the wild west of train robbers, the pony express and stagecoaches.

This kids mystery story involves a cast of characters, a little a humor and a taste of history as the story evolves around the journey of the Ghost Girl to Nevada.

This book is the final Ghostowners mystery stories for kids and quite the journey it was.

Your reader of mystery books for kids will love the series.

Calamity Jan, or Jan Pierson if you will, has written another series of fiction books for kids  called the Calamity Creek Mysteries.  Here are some of those books.

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